value of our article will be, precisely measuring what it will contribute again to South Korea Email List the state of the question. If during this process the pertinent bibliographic consultations have been made, this map will have been enriched with a series of reference scientific journals , among which the journal to which the article will be he next step is to write the manuscript . In previous entries of The South Korea Email List School of Authors, reference has already been made to the guidelines to follow in the writing of a scientific article , in its structure , regardless of its type : literature review, research article, report, study or proposal, article that South Korea Email List describes a novel methodology or method. In this sense, all articles require a

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, clear and concise; a summary and some keywords that highlight the South Korea Email List most relevant of the content and help the reader to know what to find in the text; an introduction or theoretical framework in accordance with the objective or intention of the article and demonstrates a deep knowledge of the subject and the state of the art; materials and methods that demonstrate South Korea Email List unquestionable scientific rigor; results obtained that delimit and value the contributions of this new work; discussion and conclusions. South Korea Email List Before submitting the article to the journal, we remind you of the need to carefully read the regulations,

South Korea Email List

the instructions on the submission process and pay attention to the “ South Korea Email List checklist ” process. At the same time, and trying not to die in this laborious process, we insist on the convenience of getting the reading of a colleague, the so-called ” friendly peers “, who provide us with a South Korea Email List critical and comprehensive reading of the article. diffusion Last but not least, if what the author wants is precisely that his article be considered “a good article”, it is mandatory to contribute to the dissemination of the article , from the very publication of the preprint . Sharing the published article with other authors is the essence of the South Korea Email List transfer of knowledge to society, for which the author has at his disposal social networks,

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