a series of data can be included in the heading (variables, dimensions, Namibia Email List statistical information, etc.). Body: includes all the rows and columns of a table, including the header. Note: there are three types of notes (general, specific and probability). These should appear Namibia Email List below the table to describe its contents, and the author’s references. Figure 1 Elements of a table Note: Taken from Namibia Email List Table Setup , Figures Like the table, the figure should provide enough information to facilitate readers’ understanding. For this reason, all those figures that can be integrated into the manuscript must be properly selected. Namibia Email List The elements that make up a figure are (Figure 2):

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Number: must appear above the title and in bold. In the same way as tables, it must be ordered sequentially (Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.). Title: brief and descriptive, on Namibia Email List a double-spaced line after the number. Image: graphic, illustration, photography, drawing, etc. Caption: should be placed within the borders of the figure and adequately explain any of the symbols used. Note: Namibia Email List there are three types of notes (general, specific and probability). These should appear below the figure to describe the content, caption and even copyright. Figure 2 Elements of a figure Note: Taken from Namibia Email List Style, 2020, Figure Setup , For more information,

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you can access the website of the American the right research method Luis-Miguel Romero | May Namibia Email List One of the keys to the success of an investigation lies in its relevance and internal coherence. This means that there must be a clear linearity between the literature and background review, the formulation of Namibia Email List objectives, research questions and hypotheses (if applicable), and the selection of appropriate materials and methods. To make an analogy, if an investigation is a journey, the objectives are the destination and the methods are the route. Namibia Email List Thus, the research method will determine the direction that the study will follow,

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