Publishable without modifications”, the authors should not make any changes and the editorial team will proceed to publish the article as it initially arrived in the journal. Estonia Email List Publishable with minor modifications: This decision is focused on requesting superficial or form changes from the authors. When minor changes are requested, they tend to refer to aspects such as including more literature in the theoretical framework, increasing discussions, better explaining the methods Estonia Email List and procedures, or better organizing the findings (including explanatory tables or figures, for example). This is the most common decision when approving an article. Publishable with major modifications: It is the intermediate state Estonia Email List between publishable and non-publishable. When reviewers request major changes,

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they usually ask for substantive changes that usually involve a Estonia Email List great deal of writing work, refocusing and / or total or partial restructuring of the manuscript. Many times these changes mean redoing the research and modifying the objectives, so the authors usually decide at this stage whether to make the proposed modifications or to try another publication. Estonia Email List Not publishable: Without a doubt, the most feared decision, which puts an end to the editorial process of the manuscript. In any case, the decision not to publish should be accompanied by a detailed report with the written opinion of the Estonia Email List reviewers, which helps the authors to improve the document before trying again in another publication.

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It also happens many times that reviewers decide the exact opposite: Estonia Email List While one recommends minor changes, another decides not to publish. In these cases, the editorial staff of the journal must request a third review to settle the differences, the decision of this third Estonia Email List referee being the one that must be taken with respect to the manuscript, although in the end the three reports are sent to the authors so that attend to all observations. In other cases it happens that a reviewer decides that there are only minor modifications and another decides major modifications. In both cases it is agreed Estonia Email List that the manuscript is publishable, so there is not a great difference of opinion.

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