In JCR-Education, now JCR-JIF-Education, in 2019 there were 262 magazines Azerbaijan Email List around the world and this year 2020 they have only grown by two: 264. In Spain there were 9 magazines, and this year they are still the same, without any alteration beyond its classification and quartiles. We consider that it can be great news that now all the magazines are visible in the world’s “core” club Azerbaijan Email List .. There are magazines that can have and, in fact, have a higher JCI than others with JIF, which is indicative that the world of magazines moves. Spain has been one of the countries that has benefited the most from this new JCR model. We continue to have, as in the previous year, only 124 JCR-JIF journals, of which 20 are Azerbaijan Email List JCR-JIF-Q1 (we increased more than 25%)

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. It is worth highlighting the important qualitative leap in the general JCR base, Azerbaijan Email List where we grew to a total of 719 JCR journals (including JCR-JIF together with JCR-Azerbaijan Email List ). ‘Communicate’ gets the best data from its history. It is the third journal in impact factor (JIF) in Spain in all areas and second in volume of citations of all those published in our country. In addition, in the general JCR-JIF ranking it is the 7th magazine in the world out of 234 magazines on ‘Education’ (compared to 24th the previous year), now having a 97th percentile (top 3% worldwide), with an impact factor JIF almost doubled from the previous Azerbaijan Email List year from 3.37 to 6.01. In the new measurement factor, the JCR-JCI is 11th out of 722.

Azerbaijan Email List

In ‘Communication’, in JCR-JIF it has climbed to 9th place in the world (top 10 Azerbaijan Email List ) (out of 94 magazines), placing itself in privileged positions in the world elite. In the new measurement factor, the JCR-JCI is also the 9th, in this case out of 204 journals. The Azerbaijan Email List most important news of all is that, Ultimately, reviewers, authors, editors and readers, we have to get used to the new terminology. JCR has become universal (as WoS used to be), it is no longer what it was, now it is more comprehensive, but less selective. We have to start using a new terminology: JCR-JIF and JCR-JCI, both in parallel, but with very Azerbaijan Email List clear distinctions. Selective science keeps moving and measuring at JCR-JIF.

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