the International Association for Media and Communication Botswana Email List Research (IAMCR) , that of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) , that of the Nordic Information Center for Media and Communication Research (Botswana Email List ) , that of the Spanish Association for Communication Research (AE-IC), that of the Spanish Society of Journalism (SEP) , or that of the Latin American Association of Communication Researchers (ALAIC) , among others. Likewise, there are congresses that, although they are not organized by associations and societies, become international references due to their long history, composition of the scientific committee, relevance of their Botswana Email List organizers and international endorsements. If the purpose of participating in a congress

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is to find a space to present research, seek specialized feedback, Botswana Email List debate with colleagues, contribute observations and recommendations in other presentations, do networking and, ultimately, give greater visibility to researchers and their work , You Botswana Email List should choose to participate in conferences referring to the specific area of ​​knowledge, thus avoiding at all costs those generic or broad disciplinary conferences (something like the Congress of Science, Technology, Art, Humanities and Social and Health Sciences). Likewise, it is a common practice that congresses, in order to become more Botswana Email List competitive in the market,

Botswana Email List

in addition to the abstract book that compiles the abstracts of the Botswana Email List research that will be presented at each table or symposium, make a book of complete communications -usually with an editorial recognized-, and even have agreements with some scientific Botswana Email List journals in the area so that the best publications (in the opinion of an evaluation commission) go to peer review in these. However, it is not an ethical or responsible practice that congresses guarantee, with the sole approval of an abstract. and the payment of the registration, that all communications will be published in journals or collective works, Botswana Email List as this reduces the selectivity of the publications, affecting the quality of

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