The scientific review. What the reviewers look at Love Pérez-Rodríguez |Bhutan Email List de-autores-162 Evaluating a scientific text is a complex task that requires, on the one hand, knowledge of the subject on which the text to be evaluated is concerned, but also professional ethics. Those who are somehow the portal or Bhutan Email List the arbiters of knowledge in scientific publications must have as objective and solid a criterion as possible, based on experience, balance and rigor in appraisals. When submitting a manuscript to a journal, the process for approval or rejection involves a series of steps. In the first place, formal aspects are valued , which Bhutan Email List are usually very visible and have to do, for example, with: Required files and templates.

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Metadata: authorship, affiliation, Bhutan Email List , abstract, keywords, section, funding. Theme and / or focus of the magazine, call guidelines. Referral systems, anonymization. This phase, on many occasions, means a sudden rejection, especially when it is found that the regulations Bhutan Email List of the magazine or the section of prior checking have not been taken into account . For the editorial board it is an indication that the journal is not known, that it has not been read, and that much care has not been taken in preparing the text. Articles can be rejected because the formal aspects are not met (metadata, structure and length, number and accuracy of keywords, reference regulations Bhutan Email List ..). In relation to the object of study of the manuscript, many publications make a first analysis of the content,

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in a general way, to see if it adjusts to the theme of the journal. Often Bhutan Email List manuscripts are sent that are not related to the focus and, therefore, what is appropriate is a rejection because the object of study does not fit the topic / focus. In this sense, the journals clearly delimit their field, the type of studies they receive, or the research structure models. If a text is sent that does not Bhutan Email List follow these indications, the rejection is direct. They are also cause for rejection, in this first phase, that the work presents a small number of references, that these are outdated, that the research does not provide a solid methodology, that the Bhutan Email List sample is small and / or local, or that the conclusions do not are original and meaningful.

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