In this way, the issue that concerns us can be focused, dismissing what Honduras Email List does not agree with what may be significant or current, or that does not contribute because it has already been exposed in excess. Reading is, in this way, one of the bases to start writing, based on an idea that, in Honduras Email List principle, can be anyone. Interesting, motivating, original ideas are the starting point to start. As another mainstay of the article, it is worth focusing on its structure, which will depend on Honduras Email List what the research and the journal selected to publish have given of itself . The idea that has given rise to the work must be exposed and sequenced by tracing the main perspective. From this it is necessary to fully formulate the questions, Honduras Email List objectives and / or research hypotheses. Subsequently, the methodology, results and conclusions will make up the body of the text of our scientific publication.

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And finally, the fact of writing it is not a minor task since, as it is an expository-argumentative text , it is necessary to adapt the presentation of the information Honduras Email List attending to coherence, cohesion and adequacy. The contents must be written clearly and precisely. The delimitation of the paragraphs , their connections, the size of these, the conciseness of the sentences, the Honduras Email List vocabulary, the punctuation and spelling, and, ultimately, the academic style are essential for good scientific writing. As authors, the best advice to start writing a text, susceptible to being published, is still diversified, varied, continuous and Honduras Email List quality reading in the field of study and related.

Honduras Email List

The more and the better you read, the greater the ability to express yourself and argue. Finally, writing as an author also implies being original and creative. Honduras Email List Relying on the different states of the question does not imply “copying” what others have said by putting on makeup. The plagiarism impoverishes and muddies the quality of research. How to write an abstract for a scientific publication Luis-Miguel Romero | August 31 2020 Honduras Email List The title, the abstract and the Honduras Email List keywords have three basic functions: 1) They are the metadata with which our publications are indexed, which will define -based on search criteria- their search engine positioning

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