It is common for reviewers to have divergences regarding the evaluation of a El Salvador Email List manuscript. We must remember that the scientific community itself is very dissimilar, from the perspective of epistemological approaches, methodological knowledge, ideologies, areas of competence, contexts, among other aspects. In this sense, the review results are usually El Salvador Email List consistent in some observations, while in others they are very different. The decisions of the referees are usually dissimilar depending on the fact that each one has his school, his epistemological line, his ideology, his knowledge about methods, El Salvador Email List experiences, among other aspects. Review templates or forms in scientific journals often have

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various evaluation aspects. For example, in the case of the El Salvador Email List Journal (link), its evaluation protocol is quali-quantitative, that is, the reviewers present their comments in writing, while at the same time evaluating (with score) each of these items, with a totalization of 50 points ( see example ). In the case of El Salvador Email List , it is common for an article to be evaluated by between 5 to 8 reviewers, so the average score is essential for the editorial staff to decide -with objective criteria- about the publication of the text. Meanwhile, other journals do not use a point rating system, but ask the reviewers only for their written opinion. On some occasions, a global opinion on the manuscript is usually El Salvador Email List requested,

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while on others the file is broad and asks to evaluate the various El Salvador Email List sections of the article, such as title, abstract, literature review, materials and methods, results, discussion and conclusions, references, practical implications, prospects, originality, among other areas. El Salvador Email List The coinciding point in most revision processes could be, in many cases, the decisions about the publication of the manuscript, four scenarios being possible: Publishable (without modifications): Perhaps the least common decision, since every product is perfectible and an evaluation puts tête à tête people with different ideas, El Salvador Email List approaches, experiences, etc. In the case of the decision of “Publishable” or “

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