a charge to meet the costs of their production. Indicators of “quality” of a publisher v and books Hyperbolically, there are more publishers in Latin America than published books. Although at present there is more demand for publishing – than not reading – articles in scientific journals, given the pressure from many universities and accreditation agencies in Spain and Antigua and Barbuda Email List Latin America, the publishing world continues to exist, although its capacity has been reduced for at least 15 years. There are universities and research centers that have their own funds and publishing labels. There are also countries that have editorials in ministries (such as Education or Culture), in public powers (such as the legislative and judicial), Antigua and Barbuda Email List and even in regional and local entities, in addition to all the global private initiatives in.

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this regard. Digitization has also contributed to the birth of new types of publishers Antigua and Barbuda Email List and print-on-demand services (which are not the same), which raises the question where is it better to publish for my curriculum development? Publishing a book so that it has a wide reach Antigua and Barbuda Email List can be done under self-printing formats or with open licenses (such as Creative Commons) that allow it to be uploaded to the Internet without any rights problem. However, this modality may not be positive in light of its recognition by Antigua and Barbuda Email List teacher evaluation agencies (such as ANECA, In this order of ideas, some teacher evaluation agencies are usually guided by the inclusion of publishers and books in specific indexes,

Antigua and Barbuda Email List

such as: Scholarly Publishers Indicators (SPI) : This is a ranking of the Antigua and Barbuda Email List prestige of academic publishers (Spanish and international), promoted by the Federation of the Guild of Publishers of Spain, financed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain, Antigua and Barbuda Email List and carried out by the Research Group on the Academic Book (ILIA) of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). Its last update was in 2018. Seal of Quality in Academic Edition (CEA-APQ) : It is another Spanish initiative endorsed by the Spanish Federation of Science and Technology (FECYT), the National Agency for Antigua and Barbuda Email List Quality Assessment and Accreditation

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