If the text sent passes this first phase, it goes to peer review . Belize Email List Many journals have very rigorous processes with several rounds in which experts evaluate the consistency of the work in order to the demands of a scientific text, the research methodology and its structure. The review reports are made from rigor, courtesy and constructive criticism. For Belize Email List this reason it is important that their indications are accepted as an option for improvement and learning. Often the attention, justification and correct answers to the recommendations and indications help the text to be definitively approved. A review is based on a good reading of the text that is going to be evaluated from an objective perspective. Belize Email List This implies that, from the experience and knowledge of the reviewer ,

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the solidity of the theoretical framework and state of the art in terms Belize Email List of how it is exposed is verified, on the one hand , and, on the other, the quality and quantity of information according to with the novelty of the contribution and with the theoretical construct that it is trying to raise. The evaluations are made according to: How the title and abstract clearly and adequately Belize Email List expose the object of the work. The relevance, timeliness and originality of the work in terms of the subject. The scope of the literature review. In this sense, it is important to pay attention to the bibliographic references , varied, updated and consistent with the line of argument. It is not advisable to abuse the self-quote or to quote Belize Email List unnecessarily. A good reviewer captures these circles and trends,

Belize Email List

and a bad reviewer skews their assessment by personal theoretical Belize Email List choices. Various and appropriate citations. References used. Another important aspect of the review focuses on the methodology used , as well as the results and discussions. Depending on the study Belize Email List and its scope, the methodological rigor can be seen in how the research questions, objectives, hypotheses and consequently the type of research and / or model that the study follows are posed. All this must be related to what is Belize Email List stated in the state of the art. Along with that, the definition of the instrument or instruments used, if applicable, their validation and piloting are another indication of a good methodological approach.

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