2020 was a great year for the e-book sector , as the sale of this format experienced an exceptional rise after eleven consecutive years of increases. That is the main conclusion of the 2020 ‘Digital Book Annual Report’ publish by Libranda. Distributor of editorial digital content in Spanish throughout the world.

Compared to the data for 2019, this growth was 37% worldwide and 43% in Spain. In general, the digital share in Spain reach 7.3%, but when it comes to news this figure ranges between 15. 25%, and some titles were even read in their digital version on 40% of the occasions.

115.7 million euros was generate by the electronic book market in Spanish. Not counting textbooks and academic books. Of that amount, 75 million Belize B2B list correspond to Spain and 40.7 to the rest of the countries, a list that is headed by Mexico (11.2% in value of euros) and the United States (9%). At this level, it should be note that Uruguay, Ecuador, Guatemala and Peru have had even greater growth than in the Spanish case.

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Trends in The E-Book Market

One more year, the weight falls mainly on international platforms (Amazon, Apple, Google, etc.). With a share of 77.8% and growth of 35.5%. With regard to independent bookstores and online platforms, the sale of digital books has grown by 40.9% and their market share reaches 11.4%. For their part, e-book subscription spaces confirmed their upward trend with 36.2%.

As for the genres, fiction continues to be the one that most interests users , with sales of 60.7% in value of euros. Within this category, contemporary fiction (24.9%), police novels (13.3%) and romantic novels (9.9%) stand out. Non-fiction remains in 2020 compared to 2019 at 33.7% share. Self-help, personal development, society and culture, and biographies are some of the most common sections within it.

‘The enigma of room 622’ by Joël Dicker, the trilogy of ‘Red Queen’, ‘White King’ and ‘Black Wolf’ by Juan Gómez Jurado, ‘Frankenstein’s mother’ by Almudena Grandes, ‘La nena’ by Carmen Mola and ‘Sapiens. From Animals to Gods’ by Yuval Noah Harari are some of the best-selling titles.

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