networks and research centers who may be interested in the project. Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List Look for financing mechanisms to give continuity to the project presented. The in research progress are often short communications ( short communications ) lasting between 3 and 5 minutes, giving more room for discussion at the symposium, understanding that its purpose is precisely that: to obtain various feedbacks to Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List improve or redirect research is doing. On the other hand, disclosure communications are about completed research, even published in other media (articles, chapters, books, reports …), the purpose of which is to give visibility to the study, especially its results, conclusions and implications. It is important to note Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List that, although it is admissible to participate in a communication

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that is already published in other media, if the congress decides Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List together with the authors to publish the communication in a minute book, scientific journal, yearbook or any other platform, it has of being unpublished, because otherwise it would mean self-plagiarism -with all that ethically this entails-. However, there are congresses of some disciplines that Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List allow the full reproduction of the content of another published document, with the prior authorization of the owner of the reproduction rights, Recommendations to keep in mind when participating in a congress Congresses have become a very important source of income for some entities, especially in countries Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List where the participation of researchers is required in many of these to obtain accreditation,

Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List

access the University or move up the teaching ladder. Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List In this sense, these types of activities have proliferated, although on many occasions they are no more than an event – even virtual – in which there is not the slightest look of research. The first recommendation when choosing to participate in a congress is its endorsement or affiliation, because just as Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List there are predatory magazines, there are also congresses of this nature. For this reason, it is recommended to prioritize those that are organized by recognized scientific societies and associations, such as -in the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List Communication- the International Communication Association (ICA) ,

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