relevance for the scientific community, clarity in the methods Israel Phone Number List applied and that can be contrasted, mature research results for presentation; guarantee the scientific nature of the Israel Phone Number List publication based on decision-making regarding its editorial flow, within, for example, a journal. This method has been implemented in different ways that have been established as standards that are the most used by Israel Phone Number List scientific journals, among them are: The double-blind system , both reviewers and authors are anonymous; they represent an attractive alternative. It is currently the most used , because it eliminates from the Israel Phone Number List articles any clue or signal that helps to identify the authors or reviewers.

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This approach seeks to preserve anonymity, thus trying to Israel Phone Number List ensure that the review is done fairly. However, in a small area it is difficult to hide the identity of an author, particularly if the Israel Phone Number List author insists on making himself known through self-citations in previous works. The single blind system , the reviewer knows the identity of the author, but the author does not know that of the reviewer. This is a Israel Phone Number List currently accepted practice, although it may be vulnerable to nepotism, so its ethical foundations have been under criticism many times. The open system reveals the identities of both authors and reviewers, Israel Phone Number List and authors have the ability to identify reviewers’ comments.

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The implementation system of the peer review process has Israel Phone Number List evolved and has been impacted by the development of information and communication technologies and by the emergence Israel Phone Number List of movements such as open access and open science, for which complementary systems have been established. evaluation such as the comment-based review, where readers can comment before and / or after the classic review, or instead of the classic evaluation. On the other hand, the most common practice is Israel Phone Number List for there to be at least two reviewers, however, it is common for journals to assign a

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