with DOI in a Preprints section (articles in press) on the official South Africa Email List website of the journal. In prestigious international journals, such as ”, the criteria that justify South Africa Email List the decision on the acceptance / rejection of papers by the Editorial Board are the following: Actuality and novelty. Relevance and significance: advancement of scientific knowledge. Originality. Scientific reliability South Africa Email List and validity: proven methodological quality. Organization (logical coherence and formal presentation). External support and public / private financing. Co-authorship and degree of internationalization of the proposal and the South Africa Email List team.

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Presentation: good writing. Finally, it is very common in this type of publications that, once their manuscripts have been published after an arduous selection process South Africa Email List and high rejection rates, the authors agree to be members of the International Council of Scientific Reviewers to continue maintaining this blind review process which is currently the best guarantee of the quality of an international South Africa Email List periodical publication. On how to publish a good article and not die trying Rosa Garcia-Ruiz | February The writing of a scientific article supposes an important effort for a researcher and academic, so it is essential to assume a holistic vision of the process to have guarantees of success and to be able to publish it in South Africa Email List the reference journal in the author’s research area. Screenshot

South Africa Email List

This publication process begins before starting to write, since it is necessary to carry out a process of analysis and reflection on the subject that is being worked on. South Africa Email List At this time it is crucial to read to have a deep and detailed knowledge of the state of the question, that is, the author needs to have a precise map of the background to his contribution, what are the relevant issues , South Africa Email List what have been the advances in the last years, what have the latest works published in the area of ​​knowledge entailed, who is working on the same subject, how they carry out their contributions and what conclusions have they reached, South Africa Email List etc. From the references collected it is possible to design and propose what the

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