The regulation of advertising, especially digital, and data protection and privacy in the advertising field are two of the main concerns of consumers. This is the premise that has led the Association for the Self-regulation of Commercial Communication (AUTOCONTROL) to launch an initiative aimed at these in which it offers basic training on these issues.

In addition, The idea is to improve their knowledge and skills in these matters, but also to show them their rights from the position of consumers. By knowing more about systems and regulations, they will be able to make responsible decisions about their information in a more responsible and accurate way.

Autocontrol Has Enabled an Online Space with Free Information

In this way, the association has made a series of free educational videos available to users. Through a simple.

However, Concise language, they convey content, mainly legal, in an easily understandable way for any consumer or viewer. This project has the england email addresses support of the European Commission . The organization has financed its production and execution through the “European Union Consumer Program” (2014-2020).

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Regulation of Digital Advertising

Moreover, What is an extrajudicial dispute system and how to claim? Within each of those sections we find another four modules that go a little deeper. In digital advertising, there is one that explains what this concept encompasses. In the latter case, the “Code on the use of influencers in advertising” of the AEA.

After that,  Each of these topics is associated with a video. With a duration of about 3 minutes, approximately. What is meant by illicit, misleading or denigrating advertising? Examples of unfair business practices; electronic communications The obligations and rights regarding data protection.

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