Launching an eCommerce has become almost a necessity for all companies since confinement due to the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced non-essential businesses to close on many occasions.

Without a doubt, it is a great opportunity considering that there are already many Spaniards who buy exclusively through the internet, but it is also a challenge for those who are entering the digital world for the first time. Knowing the main features and advantages offered by eCommerce platforms is just the first step to building a successful online business.

The Ideal Is to Have a Content Manager

In the first place, the ideal is to have a content manager that allows you to upload, edit and delete the products available on the web in a simple way , keeping the inventory updated to the smallest detail is essential in this sales channel. In addition, it is advisable to have metric analysis tools that allow knowing the traffic generated on the South korea B2B list web, the products that are visited the most times in the catalog and if this figure correlates with its actual number of sales.

Email Database

It is also highly recommend to facilitate, as far as possible, the payment process. The checkout page must be simple, simple and allow you to pay in a few steps. In fact, it is more efficient if this whole process is solve in a single page instead of in several. Since otherwise it will increase the loading time and the probability that the user abandons the purchase process.

Last but not least, it is essential that the design of the online store is responsive and adapted to browsing from computers. Tablets and smartphones, since the number of consumers who make purchases from their mobile is increasing.

Online Sales Platform Does Not Have an E Commerce Logistics

But all this will not be enough if the online sales platform does not have an eCommerce logistics service. That guarantees a correct delivery of the product to the consumer. We must not forget that receiving the package in a timely manner is the factor. That most influences the satisfaction of customers who buy online, so eCommerce logistics must be the cornerstone of any online store. The speed in the delivery of orders, in this sense. Is essential to establish good shipping logistics in the business.

Without a doubt, the correct delivery of packages is a determining factor. But it is not everything for the logistics service, since there are times when the customer will have to return the item. Even if it arrived on time and in perfect condition. This is when the last, but also very important factors in eCommerce logistics come into play. The management of returns and reverse logistics. The most recommended thing to maintain customer satisfaction is that the exchange and return service is free. So having reverse logistics capable of reducing shipping costs. Without neglecting the effectiveness of the return will be essential in this regard.

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