E -commerce is, without a doubt, the great beneficiary of the pandemic. Sales on this type of platform have multiplied. The rise of online suggests that this demand will be consolidated over time. The trend of online shopping has seen an opportunity with confinement and taking advantage of it in the following months will be key to its evolution in the future.

To find out more about this new growing buying habit, we wanted to know the opinion of Màrius Rossell, Executive Director of Trilogi. Rossell has shared with us his point of view on the evolution of electronic commerce a year after the start of the pandemic and his reflections are more than positive for professionals in this sector.

The Growth of E-Commerce in A Pandemic Environment

Without a doubt, the first months in which the coronavirus came into our lives were very hard. From all sectors, digital barriers were suffer that prevent the normal operation of businesses. “ After Easter it was a turning point where people Israel B2B list started buying online ”, Rossell explains while he confesses that, since then, they have continued to grow.

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On the other hand, Rossell is not convince that the new normal will arrive. Time and predicts even a few years with masks and safety distances. “ Both people and companies accelerate and slow down their behavior in e-commerce. But if something is clear it is that people turn to online ”, comments the Executive Director of Trilogi.

The e-commerce expert assures that his success has been to focus on customized solutions for the client. Because “each client is unique”. In addition, Rossell adds that “customers have their particularities and we offer tailor-made solutions”. These solutions have been particularly accentuate in marketing specialized in electronic commerce, since it is its business pillar.

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