A good SEO can become a differentiating factor against your competition , DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) campaigns are a true reflection of this since they highly depend on the SEO of your website.

What are DSAs? By its acronym Dynamic Search Ads, these ads are automatically generated to respond to user queries with the content of our entire website or parts of it.

DSA Campaigns in Google Ads Search?

Keyword hunting for SEO and PPC. New Campaign Opportunities. Migrate those keywords with higher performance to own campaigns. SEO content Ecuador WhatsApp Number List improvements , based on the terms detected. On-page SEO perfective actions on current pages, those URLs that do not respond as expected. Exponential increase in impressions, clicks and sessions. Very noticeable reduction in CPC levels when bidding on longer tail terms.

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The combination of DSA + Smart Bidding + RLSA = Smart RDSA campaigns for a higher CTR and lower CPA than standard campaigns. How do we do it at Flat 101? We are currently immersed in a traffic capture project in which we apply this methodology. The results obtained have far exceeded our expectations.

Client Objective: Increase MoM Traffic

Start with classic campaign structure (top organic keywords by traffic, about 400 to 500 clicks per day).
Launch of DSA campaigns once the SEO requirements were ready.
Results obtained:

21,000 average weekly clicks. 70% average CPC reduction. 20% CTR , virtually identical to before DSA activation. Synergies with Universal App Campaigns (UAC). ASO or App Store Optimization, is the process of optimizing results in an application store (eg Google Play).

Let’s say it ‘s the SEO of the applications. A good ASO helps Google Ads Universal Application Campaigns (UAC), as they have a high dependency on the App ASO . Google Ads displays UAC ads based on search terms relevant to the app or category to which it belongs. Generating the keywords of the ads in different ways and always automatically, for example: using the search terms used in Google Play with which users have found the application and extrapolates it to the search network, thus trying to replicate the store experience to the main search engine.

UAC Campaigns in Google Ads?

As long as our main objective is to capture qualified traffic that installs our application to impact positioning (organic and paid), we are faced with a series of incremental benefits such as:

If an App has more installations , it will have better positioning in App Stores , both by search, as well as by categories and Top Charts. New opportunities : promote downloads not only with UAC campaigns, the possibility of complementing them with Apple Search Ads , Social Ads , Email Marketing , RTB , etc.
How do we do it at Flat 101? Under a methodology of cohesion between ASO and Paid Media actions with Google UAC campaigns.

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