Salesforce has launched Slack-First Customer 360 for sales, service, marketing, commerce, analytics, and many other services. Thus, Slack becomes the meeting point that allows everyone in an organization to communicate, collaborate and act on information from Salesforce and all the other applications, systems and partners they use.

Slack-First Sales enables sales teams to collaborate in real time to close more deals, faster, from anywhere. With digital deal rooms , sales reps can now access, update, and share Salesforce records directly in Slack.

The Latest Version of Sales Cloud Includes

In addition, Revenue intelligence to equip sales managers with insight into the entire sales and revenue cycle; Sales Enablement for smoother onboarding and training focused on developing sales experiences; and Subscription Management for new zealand phone number format example Revenue Cloud to enable organizations to gain greater agility to simplify and speed purchasing processes.

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Slack-First Service enables customer service teams to automatically identify the right experts for each case. New swarming capabilities and expert finders enable cross-functional teams to collaborate on incidents to resolve customer cases more efficiently and effectively.

More Automation and AI in the Service Cloud Transform

Contact centers into a digital headquarters for customer service teams. New workflows allow these professionals to anticipate. Target and resolve customer needs, sometimes before customers even realize there is a problem. Additionally, digital contact center innovations for video, chat, voice and engagement enable easier experiences for customers and field service teams.

After that, Slack-First Marketing enables marketing teams and agency partners to collaborate in a shared digital workspace. Marketers can now speed up processes with Einstein’s recommendations in Slack. Moreover, Pardot automation enables all departments to collaborate with a single, shared view of the customer. Updates in the marketing cloud include new solutions based on segmentation through AI, content creation, personalization of human interactions in real-time and analytical data of customers and marketing campaigns, all without the need for programming or code.

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