Do you know how many times customers lose patience because they can’t reach a customer service person? The safest thing is that you have lost count and do not know it.

And it is that most users think that it takes a long time to get a response from an agent or a member of the team. Also, many of them simply choose not to make a purchase online if they have a bad customer service experience. They have missed opportunities!

In general, everyone wants their experience when buying any type of product or service to be as pleasant and calm as possible, and even more so when they communicate with the support team. In this article we talk about shared inboxes and how they can play a key role in making your existing customers happy or converting potential customers.

What Is the Purpose of A Shared Inbox?

A shared inbox is a system that allows you to receive, send and store electronic messages from different platforms and multiple accounts from one place. Within it, all the channels that a company has to be able to communicate with all the Jordan WhatsApp Number List clients it has, as well as with potential clients, are included. Shared inboxes come with different features that seek to improve the customer experience. In it you can find message inbox for social networks, live chat, audio and video calls, private notes, shared browsing, etc.

Email Database

The purpose of a shared inbox is to provide the greatest efficiency and transparency for business . At the moment in which the communication channels are centralized, it is the moment in which your support team will begin to work together, in order to find the objective you want to achieve.

Benefits of A Shared Inbox or Mail Manager

It is always vital for a company to find a way to provide quick and accurate answers to any question a customer has. However, this can become impossible if you don’t have the right tools. A shared inbox, also known as an email manager, can help you in the following ways:

You will have a view to all the messages that the clients send, no matter where: The magic of shared inboxes is that they bring messages that come from different channels in one place including direct messages from social networks, WhatsApp Business, Telegram Business , SMS, chatbots and of course both generic emails and corporate emails. In this guide on web hosting and domains you can learn more about how emails work with your company’s domain and which hostings offer such a service if you don’t have one yet; In this article we show you how WhatsApp Business worksin case you are not familiar with it; and in this other one you can learn more about SMS marketing , a tool not very commonly used but highly effective.

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