Apart from being collaborative and easy to use, Peach has a direct connection with the main advertising platforms: Google Campaign Manager, Youtube, Sizmek, and many more that we will announce soon. This integration allows creativity to be delivered in a matter of a couple of minutes from post-production, directly to the YouTube library, for example.

With literally two clicks to authorize permissions, we save hours downloading creatives from one place to another. Additionally, we have an API connection available that allows post-producers to connect their editing tools with Peach and also save time.

What Does This Mean for Your Service?

In downloading the masters from one side to upload them to another. This does not mean that everything is done, the road is long, but Peach is leading telephone list USA this “revolution”. Ad validation is a revolutionary product.

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We are proud to be able to offer the market such an effective solution. With a lot of “cut-and-paste” involved that produces errors. As a result of these errors we find broken pages, ungenerated impacts. Slow loading of creatives, cookies that appear where they shouldn’t… The list is long!

What Advantages Will Your Customers Find Thanks to This Agreement?

Advalidation allows any creativity, or tag , however they come (in zip, mp4, excel, mov, etc etc). To be tested in less than a minute , according to the criteria set by the support. In this way, before uploading the campaign to the server. One can determine if the creative or the tag could compromise the user experience. The KPIs of the campaign, or the performance of the content. In this way, a great advantage is provided to be able to detect errors and correct them in time without giving up impressions, campaign deadlines, frequency of impacts, etc.

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