Ever since we saw them in Star Wars at the end of the 70s. Holograms have been strongly leveraged in the dreams of young and old. Virtual communication through holograms has left the territory of dreams to cast anchors (very deep) in reality.

PORTL , a startup from Los Angeles, has developed a device 2 meters high and 60 centimeters deep. That will allow us to emulate Princess Leia in Star Wars. The invention of yore is a holographic cabin that especially focused a priori on entertainment and free cyprus phone number advertising could end up making its way into our homes as well. The PORTL cabin, which weighs 180 kilograms, is not, however, very affordable and has a starting price of approximately 50,000 euros. Thanks to the large size and 4K resolution of the device, the holograms projected in the bowels of the box boast of being extraordinarily realistic.

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Behind Portl Is Ceo and Founder David Nussbaum

Who comes from the entertainment industry. PORTAL plans to launch more compact versions of its holographic booth soon Equipped. With two integrated cameras and stereo speakers. The box makes it possible to interact live with the audience (provided, of course, that the internet connection is fast enough).

Those Who Use the Portl Invention to Teleport Virtually Need

On the other hand, to provide themselves with a small studio provided by the company itself. And which is made up of a white background. With marks on the ground, lighting, a microphone and a 4K camera with a tripod.

Users who choose to teleport using PORTL technology see on a monitor. What is happening in the immediate vicinity of the booth where their hologram is projected. The PORTL box is provided with a volumetric screen with integrated LED lights and effects that simulate shadows.

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