In this section it is necessary to clearly establish what are refutations, Nicaragua Email List what are supplements or updates and what are the news on the subject studied. Finally, we find the Conclusions we will recapitulate the most important findings, that we have found with our work, Nicaragua Email List for the future of research in this thematic field, that is, a clear exposition about the novelties that our Nicaragua Email List research contributes (contribution of the researchers). This section will end with Limitations and new research proposals , where it is a question of exposing the pending research agenda in light of what has been investigated (or Nicaragua Email List not investigated).Wikipedia, Facebook,

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Twiter … other readings for knowledge Love Pérez-Rodríguez | May Nicaragua Email List A good article is defined by the timeliness of the topic, the scientific writing , the level of its Nicaragua Email List references in the writing of the state of the art, and the novelty and significance of the results. Numerous posts Nicaragua Email List on this blog have emphasized each of these aspects. And it could be said that all of them have reading as their core axis . Hence, the most important task of a good researcher is knowing what to read and where. Books, Nicaragua Email List works published in journals of the field, reviews, informative texts,

Nicaragua Email List

International reference databases (Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed Nicaragua Email List) and a good selection of keywords or topics provide the material for the Nicaragua Email List beginning of the study . However, there are other ways of accessing knowledge. Nowadays, with technological development, Nicaragua Email List accessing content opens up a wide range of options. Perhaps not all of the first level, but probably many of them to draw the map of ideas that outline what you want to expose or to open the way to more profound inquiries. A Nicaragua Email List Twitter thread, a Facebook post, or a blog entry are, increasingly, means in which texts, discussions,

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