We’re talking about in the case of art whether you’re a viewer or an artist is a idiosyncratic intelligence it’s not IQ. And such intelligence is possessed by people of many intellects that in everyday life you do not understand how intelligent they are. It is a mixture of truth sensitivity openness. There are intelligent closed ones very intelligent very closed ones. It is impossible for them to approach spirituality. Don’t forget to get a bit religious Saint Francis of Assisi his intelligence was the intelligence of the illiterate the poor. But let me also say something Pasolini says that has touched me and I firmly believe it. He says I’m interested in people who haven’t been to school until the age of five or the wise. Because the point is to reach the innocence of illiteracy through wisdom.

We are all somewhere

Between unfortunately I don’t know any truly innocent illiterates who deal with the world like that and unfortunately the wise are few and far Remove Background Image between. We are heading in a direction we have not reached. DL However it is important to have a direction. PR It is important to have but this wisdom this intelligence that is needed for art is something very peculiar that I cannot define. And of course every time I see a student of mine who takes a really good photo it crosses my mind that maybe I didn’t think he was very bright but to take this photo he can’t be stupid so it’s kind of. It’s what the youth say again it’s woof. What is ufos He is someone who we cannot classify in the known categories.

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Is spirituality measured

Is sensitivity measured While we know they exist. We know these two things exist but how do we measure them DL You are right and I Singapore Lead cannot answer. Now let’s come to our topic. What Do We Mean When We Say I Photograph. From an Artistic Point of View What is Creative. Photography How Do We Create This Contrast the Tension That. You Keep Coming Back to How Do We Make a Photo Powerful. And Attractive in Its Own Way and a Final Question. That is Technical in Nature but I Think It is Concluded Here. By What Criteria Do We Choose Black and White. From Color Photography . All the Questions Were What I Try to Say in a Hundred Hours. To Summarize if I Can Summarize Photography. Because It Really Exists in Many Forms Applied and So on What We.

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