The young entrepreneur also periodically develops Premium Face-to-Face training sessions that consist of the delivery of a replica store to the Lucenathor store that has been created based on its own methodology and that has been in existence for more than seven years.

Along with this, the offer includes 15 hours of intensive training in two sessions . A scheme adapted to all types of profiles, which is useful even for those who have no knowledge of marketing. Adrián Lucena has appeared repeatedly in the media as an example of entrepreneurship . On many of those occasions they always ask him about his presence in Andorra, because now it is a very hot topic due to the decision of some youtubers to settle there.

Precisely in Andorra Where Lucenathor Has Started

And it is precisely in Andorra where lucenathor has started one of its latest projects, entering the real estate sector. His real estate company Promo Tower is building an urbanization with several luxury residences in the Incles Valley, at the austria mailing address foot of the largest area for winter sports in Europe.

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Les Gemmes is the perfect refuge, surrounded by snow and integrated into a context of virgin nature, for all those who want to enjoy a high quality of life and an ecosystem that is very conducive to business innovation , due to the political and legislative stability of the Principality. . And all this without neglecting the attractive fiscal scenario.

Andorra, Europe’s Premium Urbanization

The Les Gemmes project is, for Lucenathor. One more way of giving back to Andorra what the Principality has meant for him in his professional growth. The controversy raised in recent months by the presence in that country of many youtubers is for Adrián something that is already normalized, since the young man has been residing in that territory for several years.

With this new real estate project. Lucenathor shows once again that entrepreneurship consists. In a very summarized way. In always being active and being open to new business possibilities. Creating an urbanization that offers a high quality of life in what. In his opinion, is the Premium urbanization in Europe is not going to take him away. From his activity within marketing? But it does allow him to experiment with new business options. You cannot put all the eggs in the same basket, because when that basket falls, the eggs also fall.

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