DNA of the publication and of the book, in the Gutenberg press. magazine-digital-grammysfox. Mexico Phone Number List pngToday we have almost passed to the other extreme. It is not easy to find librarians who claim that their centers do not receive printed magazines Mexico Phone Number List if they have electronic editions, as if the two were not compatible and even more so, complementary and necessary. Many experts in librarianship are betting on the dual channel for prestigious and storied magazines. It is absurd to think that an OJS Mexico Phone Number List platform with all its virtualities (which are immense in version 3.0) can simply replace the

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printed editorial background of a magazine with an ancestry and many “Mexico Phone Number List printed” pages and stories. It is evident that it is not a question of defending past archeology, but rather of locating the value of the different channels for scientific dissemination. Online magazines have Mexico Phone Number List been acquiring immense potential due to all the advantages of the Internet and the applications that have been developed for their management both in the revision and editing and dissemination processes. This is not Mexico Phone Number List incompatible with maintaining printed editions with a long publishing history that broaden their

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coverage and some of them are library collections of immense value. Mexico Phone Number List -magazineThe future of the written edition is not yet written. Some doomsayers of librarianship already predict the end of magazines, at least we are already experiencing a blurring of the role of the headers. Mexico Phone Number List Today “magazines” are no longer consulted but individual articles in the “cloud” through their keywords. Have not these macro-bases already erased the unitary sense of the publication? Scientific social networks also disseminate the Mexico Phone Number List works in an isolated way, blurring their initial headers and acquiring these only

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