Yesterday the first day of the 35th Meeting of the Digital Economy. Telecommunications organized by AMETIC , Banco Santander. And under the slogan “Reunion, Recovery and Reinvention”. Addresses the role of innovation and digitization in solving the social and environmental challenges we face.

Ángel Rivera , General Director of Commercial Banking at Banco Santander Spain; Gema Igual , mayor of Santander; Diana Morant, Minister of Science and Innovation. Moreover, Jorge Muyo , general director of Innovation and Technological Development of the Government of Cantabria; and Mª Luz Morán , rector of the UIMP.

As Morant Explained Public-Private Collaboration

Allow us to take advantage of this crisis to, this time, come out relying on science and innovation.” In addition, he pointed out that the uk telephone number database commitment to innovation will allow us to be better prepared and achieve a more prosperous future and a stronger economy that does not leave environmental debts for future generations.”

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For his part, Ángel Rivera mentioned the “ many opportunities that this crisis leaves us. That we must know how to take advantage of” and explained. That Banco Santander has had to reinvent itself and adapt to changes using technology.

Jorge Muyo Pointed to The “backbone” Role of Digital

After that,  the pandemic represents “an opportunity to begin to recover. Innovate in all those fields in which digital tools allow us to act.”. Lastly, Gema Igual focused on the benefits of the “essential” public-private collaboration. Called for the need to “socialize technology” and bring it closer to the citizen, as well as for municipalities to be “autonomous” in order to attract European funds.

Moreover, After this inaugural table, it was Nadia Calviño’s turn. “The economic recovery is underway, we have the resources, the determination and a resilient society that wants to change the present to change the future “, said the First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation. In conclusion, who focused on the Agenda plan Spain Digital 2025 launched by the Government and in the Next Generation Funds. Calviño urged to “get down to work”, try synergies and join forces and collaborate.

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