especially those with the best position in JCR and Scopus, require an Denmark Email List APC (publication fee), once the work is accepted. , sometimes of important economic amounts. The debate is undoubtedly, in many cases, poorly posed. The first premise that must be made clear is that the author, from his personal payroll, is not ethical or justifiable that he should pay publication Denmark Email List fees for an activity that is the result of his professional practice and that his own company (university, center of research, institution …), since the credits of the same always appear together with the authorship, generating revenues of national and international recognition and prestige. Second, it makes no sense to tear one’s clothes Denmark Email List because private companies, which carry out the editing work as one more commercial activity,

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charge for the services they provide, confusing the previous preparation of the author’s Denmark Email List research work with the editing work and its dissemination, carried out by the magazines with their teams. If all basic goods have a cost, obviously so does this type of publishing activity, Denmark Email List with variable amounts depending on the market’s own game and the prestige and indexing of scientific journals. Confusing the “open access” movement with payment to publish is a serious mistake, as well established as it is artificial. Open science advocates that research works, which have been supported with public funds, are also, Denmark Email List in their final phase of publication, accessible manuscripts for the scientific community,

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so that they generate visibility and revert to social interest. Guaranteeing this Denmark Email List final accessibility is also linked to financial support. If we publish in journals supported with public funds or non-profit entities, the editing processes will be free for the authors and will not have fees for the readers, since the previous financing logically satisfies it. On the other hand, in the case of private Denmark Email List publishing companies, Open science promotes that all works financed with public funds are open, for this it is necessary to improve the quality and prestige of the public publishing fabric, maintaining with funds from all exclusively those publications of high quality and scientific rigor. Meanwhile, it is also necessary to establish Denmark Email List regular support measures for researchers so that they can “disembark”

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