If we want to attract customers with a more latent purchase intention. Google recommends by default to start advertising on the display network. but is it what suits us? Let’s imagine two scenarios: in the first. a user is reading a cooking blog to find a vegetarian recipe and in the right column they see an ad about an organic store. Maybe you’ll be interested in clicking on it. or just want to continue reading. In the second. a user enters Google and types the words “organic product store”. At the top of the results is an ad for a store that has what you’re looking for and is close to your location. Which of the two users is more likely to click on the ad they are seeing? Although the second option seems more effective.

Remember that in both cases the objectives to be met would be different and you have to establish what your business needs at this time to make the best choice. 4. Ads don’t have extensions ad-adword-extension.png Another option offered by Google. but often overlooked. is the possibility of adding extensions to the ads (links to external sites. locations. calls. reviews. product details. social networks. etc.). These plugins could make a big difference in attracting more or fewer customers. For example. if a person is looking for a laundromat in her area. but needs to ask a specific question. he will be more inclined towards the brand that has a visible phone number where he can call immediately.

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There are extensions that are very Philippines whatsapp number list for certain businesses. such as the reservation button. ideal for hotels and restaurants. Likewise. the direct call or PDF or application download buttons are widely used. But without a doubt. adding location is a fundamental benefit. especially when it comes to local businesses that want to attract nearby customers. Taking advantage of all these resources will definitely give you a significant advantage over similar competitors and increase clicks from people with real potential to convert into customers. 5. There is no effective landing page landing-page-1.pngThe landing page or landing page. is the site where users who clicked on your ad will land.

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A common mistake in sending users to the home of the business website. Remember that they are looking for something concrete and if they don’t see what they need after clicking. They will feel lost and just leave. It is often necessary to create a specific landing page for the campaign that is being developed. So that you can make the most of the visits and thus achieve more conversions (purchases or specific actions). What can never be missing is a good CTA (Call To Action) or call to action. Which is that button or link that motivates the visitor to execute that action that we need so much. Be it buying. subscribing. downloading content. Leaving contact information etc In conclusion. remember that you are paying per click.

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So the ideal is that the clicks you get are from people with real potential to become customers. The idea is to do everything possible to deploy a more effective and better. Focused campaign. and thus optimize the investment to the maximum. When it comes to promoting a business in the children’s sector. two aspects must be taken into account. On the one hand. it is a specialized area that requires very focused advertising strategies. But creativity is also needed to propose original actions that help attract attention and differentiate from competitors. Print media offer interesting alternatives for those who do not want to limit themselves. To the basics and seek to complement digital strategies to obtain greater coverage and impact.

With proper planning. various actions can be on paper. more versatile than many believe. and at fairly reasonable prices. An image that stands out Advertising in the children’s sector tends to be very visual. Which is why print media is a good platform to capture images and designs that attract the eye. However. when you want to develop more ambitious ideas. Paper needs a boost. For example. a print advertisement can be complement with tools such as augmented reality to tell stories. Create characters that attract the attention of children or generate interactive activities that parents and children can enjoy.

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