But It Is Good to Know What Are the Most Popular Trends in Each Sector.  To Try to Use Them and Give a Feeling of “Modernity” on Our Websites. The Digital World Is Constantly Changing. Which Is Why We Must Adapt to the New Trends That Are Emerging. Everything Must Be Measured and Analyzed to Improve Our Web Design and Orient It More Towards Conversion. for This Reason, Being Up-To-Date Is Something That Should Enter into Our Day-To-Day Life, as Well as Seeing What Is Moving at All Times in Our Sector. It Is Important to Follow Trends.

but It Is Also Important to Use Them Wisely and Test Them Before Implementing Them with Our Audience. the Trends in Web Design 2020 Geometric Shapes, Fonts Against the Rules and Eccentric Colors Are Some of the Trends Denmark whatsapp number list That Are Currently Booming. 3d Everywhere : 3d Shapes to Give a Much More Striking and Extensive Look to Our Website Are a Novelty and a Very Useful Tool to Attract Users. Simple and Striking Fonts: Simple Fonts Are Always a Trend in Design, Since They Are Easily Readable by Everyone. However, Several Websites Have Opted for Much More Eccentric Designs.

Without Following the Rules of Readability

Even So, Usability and Easy Reading Must Be Rewarded Before Design and Aesthetics, Since They Can Be Very Attractive to Us, but Not to Others. Trend Colors of 2020 : What Colors Should I Use for My Marketing Campaign? According to Pantone, the Trend Color of the Year 2020 Is “Classic Blue”, Code 19-4052 Tcx. It Is a Tone That Can Be Combined with White and Grayish Tones to Have a Minimalist, Simple Website with a Special Touch. Animations, Videos and Photos : It Is Clear That Today, More Than Ever, We Need to Capture the Attention of Our Audience.

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Therefore, Animating Backgrounds, Shapes, Images, Etc. It Is Almost a Must If We Want to Live Up to Expectations. Other Elements of Your Website That You Should Take into Account.  When Making It Are: Design for Mobile.  Little by Little the Desktop Web Is Going to Disappear.  Giving Way to the Mobile Screen. It Is Time to Adapt Everything to the Mobile User. To the Different Resolutions That We Use on a Daily Basis While We Eat, Walk, Etc. It Is No Longer Useful That It Is Simply “Responsive.  We Must Try to Get the Visitor to the Page to Reach.

The Target on Mobile by Scrolling

as Little as Possible. Loading Speed : the Faster Your Content Loads, the Better for Everyone. a Fast Website Will Not Only Improve the User Experience, but Google Will Be Able to Crawl the Content More Quickly and Will Prioritize It Against Other Websites Where It Has Spent More Time Crawling. Web Pages in One-Page : We Continue for Bingo with the One-Page. It Seems That We Will Continue to See Single Page Websites. and Not Only Downwards, Also Be Careful with the Horizontal Scrolls. Simple and Clean Pages Are Not Only More Attractive to the Eye.

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