Lead nurturing , what is it? If this term is still unknown for many webmasters, in the middle of B2B inbound marketing , this term which designates the cultivation (or breeding) of prospects until the harvest phase (transformation into customers) is a must .

Concretely, the idea behind the term lead nurturing is to say that a customer does not become one in a day and that it is therefore necessary to support him at the different stages of his decision-making in order to maximize his transformation rate.

This term and the strategies that derive from it are especially valid and applicable in B2B when the decision-making process is long. In some cases, lead nurturing strategies also apply in B2C in the context of large or expensive purchases (realization of a house extension, landscaping, purchase of a new kitchen, etc.).

Commonly, There Are 4 Phases to Determine the “heat” of A Prospect:

The discovery : at this stage, the prospect has just discovered his need or his problem (or you have succeeded in making him realize that he has one or one). Commitment : the prospect decides that his need or his problem must be solved with a service or a product. Consideration : the prospect begins the process of discovering and comparing the Laos B2B list solutions that can solve his problem or his need.

Email Database

Conversion : the moment when the prospect goes to the checkout and becomes a customer: transformation. To make it a little more visual, here is an image that summarizes these 4 phases: A contact is generally materialized by an email address registered in your database. A lead , on the other hand, is a potential prospect of whom you generally know more than his email address: last name, first name, company, position held in the company, telephone number, issue or stage of decision-making (or everything gathered within the framework of qualified leads).

Whole Challenge for Companies

As you will have understood, the whole challenge for companies is therefore to succeed. In passing their contacts to the stage of more. Less qualified leads and also to properly segment contacts according to their “warmth level”. To do this, there is the artisanal way which consists of doing everything by hand with the free means available. But there are also professional tools specialize in inbound marketing and marketing automation such as Plezi.

How to properly manage your incoming contacts to turn them into leads?
Here we are. The whole point of effective inbound marketing. Web marketing strategy is to succeed in attracting as many qualified contacts as possible. In order to then be able to integrate them into an effective and as automated lead. Nurturing strategy as possible in order, in the long term. To convert as many as possible into qualified leads and customers. To put the odds on your side, some good practices exist. Here is an overview.

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