Or sales funnel Celia Cerrillo Celia Cerrillo May 11, 2021 9:45:00 CEST To begin with, it is important to know what a marketing funnel or sales funnel is. Most brands, when asked about this concept, do not know what to answer because they have no knowledge about it or how it works. Does it happen to you too? Well this is your post! We are going to explain what this concept is and why it will be so useful for your website. The marketing funnel or sales funnel is a concept that is used especially in marketing.

when we launch an online web page and can even be applied to blogs or forums that have a commercial intention, that is, to achieve a final sale. after having gone through a series of phases that go on to convert users into our clients. A sales Italy whatsapp number list funnel is, therefore, the process that a brand will follow from when users come to it in search of information until this user becomes a customer, and therefore, a sale for our online website from one of the our products or services.

Advantages of the Marketing Funnel

or sales funnel Once we have managed to create a sales funnel for our brand, it is important to know what advantages creating it will offer us and why it will help us when it comes to boosting our sales and better understanding the users who are going to become our customers. That is why we want to detail what are the main advantages of applying the marketing funnel properly: We will obtain a very qualified lead : this means that once we have gone through the entire process of our sales funnel, the final customer that we will obtain will be one that is very convinced of our brand.

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of the services and products that we can offer. So we it will be very easy to get a purchase from you. The effectiveness of our sales will increase. Although you have to have an initial marketing cost.  That you did not count on when creating the funnel.  Later it will be easier to get sales, so the costs will be since the purchases will be many plus. The process of obtaining clients is streamline.  This means that for each sale it will not be necessary to monitor the client manually.  But when creating the sales funnel this entire process will be automated and there will be no attrition process in the sales of our brand.

What You Also Achieve with This Type

of funnel is that although at first there may be an economic effort to carry it out, from a more global point of view you manage to lower costs at the level of customer acquisition . What you end up getting is a constant source of new customers and in a much simpler way. To create our sales funnel, it is important to first have a certain base on other knowledge. These are TOFU, MOFU AND BOFU. Do they ring a bell? Let’s see them in detail. Each of these concepts will correspond to one of the phases of the sales funnel or marketing funnel .

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