The first thing they think is: ” I’m going to look for it on the Internet “. The greater penetration of the Internet. access to mobile devices and connectivity. increasingly facilitate this process. In fact. today it is quite likely that when a buyer approaches the point of sale he knows more about the product than the seller himself. It happens in the automotive industry when. for example. the buyer goes to the dealership to see the vehicle he is interested in and. thanks to his previous research. knows the cylinder capacity. the measurements. the type of wheels. the bearings. user comments. etc. comparisons with other brands and their price.

Most likely. the purchase decision has already been made. Now. this process not only applies to the purchase of cars but to any type of product or service: a telephone. a school registration. a bag. a bicycle. a prepaid medical plan. etc. With this reality. important changes in marketing efforts are necessary . AG Lafley. CEO of Procter & Gamble. wrote in 2005 in the foreword to the book Lovemarks: “Usually the best brands win in two moments of truth. The first moment occurs on the store shelf. when the consumer decides to buy a product from one brand instead of another.

Or The Beginning Of

The second moment occurs when the Venezuela whatsapp number list uses the product at his home and is satisfied or disappointed”. Mr Lafley was certainly right. and remains right. as those moments remain crucial. However. the circumstances of the markets have changed and that famous first moment of truth. the customer in front of the shelf. is preceded by the ZMOT. which influences and can determine the purchase. Today. Procter & Gamble is working hard to be a winner at ZMOT. my moment zero I will share a personal experience from this year (2017): I wanted to buy a bike for my wife. I found the stimulus. the first step in the purchase process.

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Reading the newspaper and thinking about the future of mobility in Bogotá; I associated this with the benefits. in terms of good health. generated by a bicycle. Next. I googled the phrase Bogotá bikes (I started ZMOT). Then I looked for a specific brand. the one I have and with which it has gone well. and I found a lot of information. including that there were some models for women that had a special discount. since the VAT for bicycles worth less than $1.500. 000 had been reduced to 5%. Also. I found out that the material used was not the lightest but it was an acceptable weight aluminum.

The Business Relationship

I found out the points of sale. read comments and compared prices of two brands. Finally. I decided on one and visited the point of sale (in front of the gondola. it was my first real moment). When I got to the store I validated my previous research and learned about new product features. My wife was suggested a size according to her height. she got on the bike and I made the purchase. How to take advantage of the Zero Moment of Truth The best way to take advantage of. ZMOT is to have an adequate online presence . Make yourself visible and offer the information that the customer is looking for: product description. comments. prices. points of sale. use videos. recommendations. product comparisons. etc.

To do this. it is necessary to first activate your website. the basis of any digital strategy. Create traffic for it  and present the information about your company and its products. As well as having a presence on social networks and in the internet. search engines. All of the above is optimize to the extent that the potential customer you want to impact is know. Now. that presence must be articulate in such a way that it meets define objectives. To what extent do I want my clients to interact with my company and my products? Until the sale itself and.

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