There are many companies that have huge volumes of information and do not know how to treat it. The data is exploited in silos and, sometimes, not even the data sources are integrated. It is also common the existence of a governance problem, that is, the company does not have a true knowledge of who and how the data is consumed.

The CDP platforms were born precisely to solve these how long are korean phone numbers problems and are configured as a single place where the different data sources converge, be it operations in an establishment or a physical store, online interaction or purchase, email, social networks, the call center, the support and customer service center, or the commercials at street level.

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Based on All This Information

RedPoint Global by aggity provides the entire company with a 360° image of the customer. Which is the starting point for making proper use of CRM and marketing automation tools. And not only that, its true power lies in the fact that, from that core. It creates a virtuous circle around the capabilities of knowledge and action of the platform’s data.

RedPoint Global also includes a new data quality tool called In Situ, recognized by Gartner as the first Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS). Because there are companies that, even with a CRM solution as powerful as Salesforce, do not make the best use of it. anxiety helps those organizations run their Salesforce with better data.

Tens Ai and Continuous Optimization

The differential value of aggity lies in the fact that. In addition to providing analytical capacity throughout each. And every one of the phases of the customer’s journey. It also has the knowledge and technology to optimize any of the processes that impact their experience .

In the first field, the technological multinational has Tens ai. Which integrates an expert team in analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. While in the second it is arm with cutting-edge technologies. Including RPA (Robotics Process Automation) to optimize all kinds of backoffice processes. At this point, basic administrative processes such as customer registration. All those that support the activity of professionals are essential. With a special focus on those who work in customer service. Support centers or carry out a commercial activity. be it B2B, B2C or B2B2C.

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