The latest studies show that eCommerce has grown by 20% in sectors such as fashion or the sale of electronic devices , these two being the ones that have noticed this growth the most. Electronic commerce is expect to continue this trend. Today, the vast majority of internet users have bought online or have contracted a service through this means.

In Spain, in the month of January, 79% of Spaniards claimed to have made an online purchase and the expectation is that this figure will continue to rise.

Advantages of Online Stores

As has been commented throughout this article, many companies opted to create an online store to offer their products due to the pandemic and web design agencies , such as digitalDot, confirm the increase in demand for the creation of online Denmark B2B list stores that They have suffered for a year. And it is that online stores report several advantages that can benefit companies. Time flexibility: Having a website open at all hours offers the guarantee of availability to sell 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Better customer service: The online store offers a contact service at all hours for customers to make their inquiries or complaints about shipments There are no geographical limitations: the Internet offers the possibility of expanding the borders of all businesses that intend to sell online. Less costs: Maintaining a website requires a lower cost than renting physical premises and everything that goes into maintaining them.

Stock Flexibility: Stock Can Be Relative to The Number

Although there is a but, the competition in the online field is brutal. So the creation of an online store requires experts in development, web design. And web positioning to make it competitive. At digitalDot they have offered us some keys that must be taken into account. When designing an online store , such as: that it be intuitive. Easy to use by the user; that it has a fast loading speed, since up to 15% of users are lost if the website takes more than 3 seconds to load. Of course, with a design adapted to all mobile devices.

When it comes to having an online store, the ideal is to hire a professional web design agency. To ensure that the website meets all the SEO factors that search engines. Like Google demand in order to appear in the search results above the competition. In conclusion, eCommerce is booming and its growth is expect to last over time. The digitization of many companies in Spain undoubtedly involves the option of creating an online store. In order to continue making profits.

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