The markets most affected by this scandalous fraud are the United States. The United Kingdom and France , where the penetration of the “set top boxes” is particularly high.

“CTV fraud doesn’t just affect advertisers,” emphasizes Roy Rosenfeld, head of DoubleVerify’s Fraud Lab. “This is something harmful to the entire ecosystem as a whole. And it deprives premium CTV publishers, app developers and streaming video platforms of the ability to generate revenue », he denounces.

Sounded the Alarm Last Spring

Joe Barone, managing partner of GroupM, already sounded the alarm last spring, when he found that significantly fewer banners had been served on CTV than he had previously contracted for a client. Barone then launched an investigation that ghana phone number code determined that the banners had been redirected to mobile game apps, but had been billed as if they had been displayed on CTV device screens.

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Barone also stresses that in CTV ‘s extraordinarily fragmented landscape. It is extraordinarily difficult to measure the advertising that ends up there and to make sure that the ads will arrive where the agencies place them in their media plans. For this reason, Barone speaks of a “Byzantine supply chain.”

Roy Rosenfeld Estimated that The Number of CTV

Last March Roy Rosenfeld estimated the number of CTV devices. Accessing advertising inventory of a fraudulent nature was around 500,000 devices a day. “We have never seen so many different attacks in such a limited media environment,” says Rosenfeld.

Not surprisingly, WhiteOpps estimates that 30% of the traffic generated from CTV devices could be of a fraudulent nature.

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