Entering its second decade, MUT’s focus remains set on creativity, now reconciling the dichotomy between the physical and digital worlds with good ideas and better solutions, guided by sustainable criteria. That without losing his disruptive and powerful touch, always feeling Good Shit Makers.

“We are very interested in designing brand experiences that generate top-quality content that is then amplified on social media Any UK phone number present is hybrid, and the future will be even more so, with AI as just another part of the creative process. As an agency, our responsibility is to help brands to naturally integrate the experiential and the metaverse, Social Media and the face-to-face event, and to benefit from technologies that have not yet been explored in the advertising field”, says Gómez.

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In This digital-physical Coexistence

The market is hungry to offer people this type of impact again. And at MUT we really want to help them achieve it, says Gómez.

Proof of this is his recent work for Telco DR, ” conceptualizing, designing. Building the largest stand at MWC-21, with 6,000m2 of pure innovation. And doing it in just 3 months.” In parallel, creativity and SM, which have been key during the months of confinement for MUT, are now turning to events and the creation of audiovisual content through the in-house production company UnderMut».

More than 40 Professionals

mostly women, work at MUT for clients such as Bodegas Torres. Uniqlo, Privalia, Disney, Acciona, Pepsico, Telco DR, or Everis, feeling like an extension of their Marketing team. Not in vain, its main growth path is organic. “We, as entrepreneurs, empathize especially with customers who open the doors of their business to us. And who look to MUT for a travel companion in everything related to communication -explains Nacho Gómez-. Our interests are very diverse. And now we are very aware of clearly growing sectors such as cryptocurrencies, fintechs, or renewables.

Precisely the path of sustainability is perhaps the greatest ambition of the agency. We know that we are far from perfect -confesses Gómez. We do have this sensitivity to seek the triple bottom line. Financial, community (with the team at the center), and planet. In this sense, on the one hand we have a growing concern about Social Media wellbeing and how agencies can help brands and society in general to make better use of technology to improve the mental health of so many people now affected.

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