(ANECA) and promoted by the Union of University Publishers Spanish (UNE). For its fifth call, in September 2021, 49 collections from Spanish university publishers have obtained Argentina Email Address this seal of quality . Clarivate Analytics Book Citation Index (BKCI) : It is a section of the Argentina Email Address Analytics Web of Science that includes more than 60,000 books that have passed an internal selection process (selective index), in which citations are analyzed generated from the book in other WoS documents, all the metadata of the editorial work is captured and the reference records are linked. Unlike the previous ones, the inclusion of a work in the BKCI is done after the book is published. Tweet Argentina Email Address Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Reddit Viber Messenger Print E-Mail Post navigation.

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Previous article Post navigation Next article A scientific journal is the Argentina Email Address channel, par excellence, for the dissemination and dissemination of scientific knowledge, in the form of results, advances and research findings. For this reason, they are the reference space in which the news and updates of any discipline can be found, contributing to the development of the scientific discourse or narrative, as well as to the conformation of the state of the art in the field. Thus, the people Argentina Email Address who inquire or investigate in the different niches of knowledge have in them the ideal resource to define and delimit their research path. A publication that prides itself on being scientific requires a functioning Argentina Email Address structure,

Argentina Email Address

an adequate format, a prestige and reputation for the solidity of its publications and Argentina Email Address a transparent and clear regulation, from the commitment to rigor and the ethics of intellectual exercise. Today most scientific publications have opted for an electronic format, in which it is quite easy to recognize the quality of the publication and its rigor in terms v Argentina Email Address of content, human teams, processes, deadlines, impact and visibility of the works that are accept. When we consider the publication of a work in a scientific journal, we must choose well where we will do it. This decision is complex, but the culture of reading helps. Knowing the field of study and Argentina Email Address reading magazines from the field often,

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