Artificial intelligence came into our lives to stay, although at the time we did not imagine the potential it could have in the industry. Currently, the evolution of data has led to the succession of different tools that help marketing professionals to execute their actions with the ability to measure successful results. One of them is natural language processing (NLP), a branch of AI that deals with communication in all its fields.

Different Companies Have Already Echoed the Opportunity

Generated by tools like this and have begun to take advantage of their teams. This is how Ad-Machina was born, a company that comes from the hand of Making Science that is managed by state-of-the-art technology with the aim of maximizing the german email providers list performance of campaigns. From we have spoken with Eduardo Sarciat, its CEO & Founder, who has shared with us the keys to understand how it works.

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Sarciat Began by Explaining

The value it brings to customers is that these campaigns get more sales and better profitability ,” he explains. And they do this through a machine with which they create the content. “We can create a greater number of keywords that cover searches. Those are transactional and we can potentially create thousands or even millions. If the business has volume of products or services”, keep going.

In addition, with this technology they also manage to create ads that cover those searches in a personalized way. Thus, a user has the possibility of finding ads according to their person and that the company achieves better results. ” We make people’s lives easier by putting the information they were looking for at the right time ,” explains Sarciat.

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