SEO is a long-term digital advertising strategy with a high potential return on investment ( ROI ) . To capitalize on it and get a high position in the rankings, distributors must invest in good web development.

Once the website is optimize, it is necessary to add high-quality content regularly. Various blogs on vehicle safety, maintenance tips and the latest market news can be easily written. In this sense, it is important to write naturally and include suitable keywords in all the content.

One more aspect to take into account regarding the content format: 57% of people who buy cars watch online videos about vehicles. Of them, 81% take an action after viewing those videos, from visiting the dealer’s website to booking a test drive, according to Google data.

Optimize Your Acquisition Channels to Maximize Your Leads

Along with long-term strategies, it is also necessary to consider other short-term ones, such as advertising actions. In this sense, dealers can design very effective campaigns aimed at a specific consumer target , selected from the measurement and tracking of the user through web analytics and multi-touch attribution models , which allow mobile germany number optimizing the value of each touchpoint of a more equitably, avoiding the digital blindness of the last-click model . Especially, in a sector where the conversion window is from one to three months.

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Other essential elements to maximize the conversion rate: optimization. And capture of leads is key as a prior step to visiting the dealership to carry out a test drive. The “hot” leads based on the proximity of the user to the moment of conversion. And mature ( nurturing ) the coldest leads , together with marketing automation strategies integrated into the CRM and the brand’s call center.

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