According to ann Handley, a chief content officer at marketing profs. The formula for innovative content marketing is. Useful x enjoyable x inspired graphically: the formula for innovative content from. Ann Handley as ann puts it: “content Paraguay Phone Number marketing means. You consistently create and share information that is packed with utility, seeded with inspiration. Honestly empathetic to attract customers to you.” so Paraguay Phone Number what do those terms mean? Useful. A piece of content that is useful helps the consumer in some way. It may allow them to do something, or it may simply help them make a decision. In any case, it makes their lives easier, makes them smarter, and provides an on.

Enjoyable and Profitable Paraguay Phone Number

Simply put, this is content that people like. It’s human, real, and Paraguay Phone Number maybe fun. It’s not painful to get through. People like it. If they pass it along or it makes them laugh all the better.” inspired. According to ann, this is content that is “inspired by data (you know what your customers want or need) and or creatively inspired (it’s interesting and different — it’s unique to your brand’s point of view). It is not what anyone else Paraguay Phone Number would do, and maybe it breaks the mold a bit.” the key, however, is that if you really want your content to be innovative, all three attributes must be present. If not, the content is simply not innovative. Of course, this is (much) easier said, than done.

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Introducing The Marketing Paraguay Phone Number

Nation podcast in the inaugural episode of Marketo’s new weekly podcast. In the marketing nation podcast, ann discusses this “innovative Paraguay Phone Number content” formula in detail. Just a few days after an international trip that included stops in Istanbul and Denmark, ann chatted with me about her feelings on the current. State of digital marketing Paraguay Phone Number why the best marketing shouldn’t. Actually, feel like marketing is why companies are beginning to put more money into the content. We also discussed a few great examples of content. That meets all three of the innovative content criterion. Listen to this episode with ann as well as all future marketing nation podcast shows by visiting our new podcast page. Additionally. You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or Mixcloud.

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