of academic production. It is for this reason that today we Kuwait Phone Number List dedicate this post to the valuation indices of Kuwait Phone Number List scientific journals . In 2007 two academics from the University of Washington, Kuwait Phone Number List West and Carl Bergstrom , created an alternative way of evaluating the impact of scientific journals: Eigenfactor TM Metrics. The Kuwait Phone Number List score assesses the relative importance of a publication for the scientific community, so that the sum of the scores of all the journals adds up to Kuwait Phone Number List ; however, this score is influenced by the size of a publication measured by the number of

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articles published per year (a journal that doubles the number of articles it publishes also doubles its Eigenfactor score). Kuwait Phone Number List The Eighenfactor Project offers two different indices: Kuwait Phone Number List Score : Based on the number of times that articles published in the last five years have been cited in the current year. The essential difference with others, in addition to the Kuwait Phone Number List years, is: It takes into account both science and social science citations Eliminate self-citations (citations within the same journal) Give more value to citations that appear in the most important magazines Article Influence Score : Kuwait Phone Number List Obtained from the Eigenfactor,

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measuring the influence of journal articles in the next five years. It is obtained by dividing the Kuwait Phone Number List by the number of articles published. Both indices are included among the benefits of the ISI Reuters (JCR), with the idea of ​​not Kuwait Phone Number List considering only the IF ( impact factor ) Kuwait Phone Number List as the only standard for measuring scientific quality, so we find them included in the repertoire of metrics that the ISI Web of Science offers. Screensho The idea behind this measurement is that it is not only important how much a Kuwait Phone Number List magazine is cited, but who and how they do it.

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