You can also check Google Trends for trends. related and growing keywords. and geographic interest. This keyword must be in the title of your note. as well as in a subtitle and repeated in the rest of the text at least 5 or 6 times in a content of a thousand words. cta seo consultant 8. Promote your content In this process of knowing what content marketing is. your next step is to make your content visible to everyone. encouraging people to read that work to which you have put effort in research and creativity in writing. In that sense. two routes open up which you must take: Social networks: sharing content on these platforms goes beyond simply posting a link on Facebook.

To achieve results through social networks. you need to be part only of the networks in which your audience is present. In addition. you must know the tone of communication that you should use in each social network and what formats are most accepted. E-mail marketing : it is a powerful channel for content promotion. The objective is that. by downloading an ebook. registering for a webinar or any form of lead generation. the user leaves us their email. If you now know what content marketing is . this is still not enough. so I always advise you to analyze the results. Wait a reasonable time to see the behavior of your content. for this you can use Google Analytics and check how many people saw it.

Through Research Creation

The average duration that users kept Nigeria whatsapp number list it. the bounce rate. among other valuable data. I hope you have enjoyed this adventure because of the various possibilities that exist to carry out an effective content strategy. Web positioning has become one of the most relevant marketing strategies . Thanks to its efficiency in consolidating a brand. attracting more visits and generating more sales. However. applying good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to our page or store requires certain strategies that are often unknown. That is why. below. some keys will be described that will undoubtedly help you improve and position your website. as well as provide you with the necessary tools to manage it in a more professional way. The main keys to improve web positioning 1.

Nigeria whatsapp number list

Make a plan of your digital strategy In many aspects of life it is vital to have defined goals. And it is no exception when establishing a strategy to achieve good web positioning. So you must specify what you want to achieve when generating content. Define the target audience or user you want to reach. the costs. among others. Otherwise. It will be much more difficult to know if the applied strategies are bringing any benefit to your website. In addition to the fact that monetary and time losses can be generated. Or not give a good image to the brand you have created. Pay attention to titles and descriptions. The choice of title can be decisive in a user’s decision to click (or not).

With Disabilities Regain

Since it is the first thing they will see when the results appear in the browser. For this reason. you should take advantage of this space to present the page and its content as something interesting. Web titles The same happens with the description. It should be used to show what the public requires. Always ensuring to be faithful to the content of the website. One of the strategies that can be used is to naturally introduce some of the keywords in these two elements. So that both good web positioning and user interest are guaranteed.  Check loading times If the page is slow to respond. It is likely to have a high bounce rate. and as a consequence. Its ranking may be affected. Which means less reach towards the target audience.

It is not worth losing all the traffic that has been achieved with a lot of effort for this factor. So it is advisable to check the loading times that your website takes. And apply any necessary optimizations to give a good user experience. By increasing the dwell times. your page will be well seen by Google . Which will greatly benefit the positioning in the search engine .  Create internal links Inserting links within the content of your page. Which directs the user to products. services. social networks or other readings of your brand. Is one of the best keys you can follow to consolidate the internal structure of the website you have. Not only that. but you will also generate user permanence.

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