What a whirlwind dream force has been! Both the days and nights have been jam-packed with learning, networking, and having fun. Last Sri-Lanka Phone Number night was the legendary salesforce gala which featured red hot chili peppers. What an amazing concert and a huge crowd. Marketo’s Thursday session shares more than just best practices as Jon miller. Vp of marketing content and strategy at Marketo, and Brian Sri-Lanka Phone Number Clark, CEO of copy blogger media share how both companies have become pioneers. In 2 very hot topics–content marketing and social media. Jon sets the stage by saying that before there was information scarcity. The buyer had to get most of their information from sales.

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With the explosion of the internet, there is information abundance. Jon makes some interesting points, including a famous quote by Eric Sri-Lanka Phone Number Schmidt. “every 2 days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization until 2003”. And it is a society that has helped create even more sources of information. With inbound marketing, companies must now. Build their own audience and attract their own attention. Marketing needs to become like a publisher to create its own audience and grab. The attention to Sri-Lanka Phone Number breaking through all of that noise. And what should be the cornerstone of your marketing? Content! Now brian is ready to take over. The presentation to teach his 7a framework for effective content marketing.

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An audience that content begins the sales experience. Without anyone feeling sold, your audience feels like they are learning something from you. Content Sri-Lanka Phone Number is more subtle and cost-effective. And without further ado, brian’s 7a framework to map out your content marketing strategy. Agile: This is really a mindset. We live in a real-time environment and things change constantly. Develop an initial strategy and then iterate. Based Sri-Lanka Phone Number on audience reactions. Authentic: do research to find the authentic story that a market segment wants to hear. Guide them on a journey that ultimately results in them becoming a client. Attention: this is the heart of the agile content marketing approach. You’re discovering in real-time what works, what doesn’t, and what to try next. Headlines and hooks are key here.

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