The disappearance of third-party cookies has become the main challenge faced by companies. How to connect with consumers while preserving their privacy? To respond to this challenge, Google has launched the Privacy Sandbox initiative, which aims to create technologies aimed at protecting the privacy of people on the Internet and providing companies and developers with the necessary tools so that digital businesses prosper, thus helping to keep the network open and accessible to everyone, both now and in the future.

From the Google team they believe that. To achieve this, the digital community must unite and develop a set of open standards that radically improve privacy on the network.

It Is Necessary to Advance at A Responsible Pace

Allowing sufficient time for the most suitable solutions to be publicly discussed. And for publishers and the advertising sector to migrate their services. “ This is important so as not to jeopardize the business models of many publishers that Armenia WhatsApp Number List support. The free availability of content on the web. Likewise, by providing personal data protection technologies we will contribute. Of individual tracking and we will stop the rise of covert techniques such as the creation of fingerprints.

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Google’s intention is to continue working with the web community to improve privacy in key areas such as ad measurement. Delivery of relevant advertising/content, and fraud detection. “ Currently Chrome and others have submitted more than 30 proposals and another 4 are available in proof of origin . Specifically, when it comes to Chrome, our goal is to have the most relevant technologies in place by the end of 2022. So that the developer community begins to adopt them. In accordance with obligations to the UK Competition. And Markets Authority (CMA) and in line with the commitments we have proposed, Chrome could start removing third-party cookies in mid-2023, completing its withdrawal at the end of 2023″, they explain from the company.

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