The world of digital marketing has always been characterized by the immediacy it provides and the constant changes. Still, in the coming months you will enter uncharted territory, and this environment will change forever.

For those people who are not familiar with the subject, this may not be important, they will think – surely other cookies can be use. But for those of us in the business, we know it ‘s a sea change . For years, brands have relied on third-party cookies to track users, collect data, and impact and segment their digital advertising.

Confused with so many terms? Here is a summary explanation to better understand how cookies crumble: What is a cookie? It’s a sweet and delicious cookie, usually containing… no, sorry, wrong item!
A cookie is a small piece of code that is stored in a user’s browser when visiting a website . Allows websites to collect data and track preferences.

Google Has Announced that From 2022

A first-party cookie is stored directly on the website the user is visiting and allows the browser to remember the user’s preferences, such as logins and language. These will continue to operate.
A third-party cookie or third-party USA Business Fax List cookie is created by websites other than the one the user is visiting . Advertisers and social networks use it for tracking, retargeting and digital advertising purposes. And this is where the “cookieless” is located since they will no longer be operational.

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The change that third-party cookies will undergo from 2022 has not been something impulsive or sporadic, but rather has been taking place in recent years. Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of the privacy of their personal data; who handles them, where they are store and how they are use. The use of third-party cookies to track users on the web, without transparency or explicit consent, is no longer a valid option.

What’s next? In a cookieless world, where brands can no longer rely on third-party data to target and impact their advertising, what are the alternatives?

Antonio Molina, CMO of Qualifio

A leading data collection and engagement generation platform in Europe. Argues that these movements “are pushing brands to focus on their users. Listen to them, understand them and interact with them , so the way to do marketing will change positively. Brands will be closer to their audiences, offering them a fair value exchange and caring more about their needs”. Today presents the opportunity to create solid data collection strategies, relying on the most important asset that brands have: their customers , their main competitive advantage.

In the near future, it will be about asking the user for their information, rather than inferring it based on their online behavior. Cookies aren’t going away entirely, but companies’ data collection strategies are maturing. And this is where zero-party and first-party data are gaining strategic importance for advertisers.

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