scientific and common, portals specialized in scientific content, contact networks of experts on the subject, institutional portals of universities, libraries or research centers. South Sudan Email List This process of dissemination to achieve the greatest scientific impact of the article is precisely the one that adds substantial value to the hard work of getting a good article published without dying in the attempt. It is the commitment of each researcher, each author, with their professional career and with their lines South Sudan Email List of research, sharing their articles with the community. When starting a new research project, it is important to develop a solid research question. This is a crucial step in the process, as it will guide all investigation activity, South Sudan Email List which involves taking the necessary time and ensuring proper focus. A correctly written research.

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question has several characteristics that we must take into account to South Sudan Email List know that we have been correct: It must be clearly defined, avoiding the use of technical language. It must be adequately focused to direct the investigation to a logical conclusion. You should summarize a pending issue or problem that you want to investigate through research, through a literature review or an South Sudan Email List experimental study or a theoretical exercise. It should be approached plausibly and realistically within a timeline taking into account available resources (eg money, equipment, assistants, etc.). Main Steps for Writing a Research South Sudan Email List Question Often, each researcher has a broad topic that interests him, an area of

South Sudan Email List

​​disciplinary interest for which he feels motivated. However, this alone is not enough, it is South Sudan Email List essential to focus more rigorously. The following steps can help organize the priorities necessary to find the meaningful research question we are looking for: Step 1: Limit the general idea to a topic that can be investigated, narrowing it down South Sudan Email List within the area. It is easier to do this by following your own curiosity about a particular research problem. Step 2: Get context for this general topic. It is essential to carry out preliminary readings, which enrich the previous knowledge of the subject. In this process it is vital to ask questions such as: what has South Sudan Email List been done before, and more recently?

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