Integral Ad Science , the world leader in digital media quality, today announced the implementation of enhancements to its Context Control technology. With them, advertisers and media from around the world, who will have greater control over the context in which their digital ads are inserted, manage to increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) by 120% and reduce the CPC (Cost per Click) by 36%. ).

According to The Latest Ias Media Quality Report

Brand risk, continues to be a global challenge and more. And more programmatic buyers are activating Context Control in leading DSPs to solve this problem. Now, however, advertisers can take advantage of IAS’s 300+ contextual segments. On a pre-bid basis to prevent their ads from appearing alongside unwanted content. To direct their campaigns to places with content that’s right for them.

Currently, the main DSPs on the mobile number finder in Philippines market; Adelphic, Adform, Amobee, MediaMath, Xandr or Yahoo, among others. Have integrated Context Control in such a way that they have made this technology available to advertisers wherever they decide to buy. And so, advertisers around the world are successfully running campaigns with the Context Control tool. In fact, by activating it they have seen that there has been a significant decrease in the blocking rate. As well as a 36% reduction in CPC (Cost per Click) and also a 19% decrease in CPA (Cost per Acquisition).

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Along with All of The Above

Now, and worldwide, IAS offers the optimization of Context Control technology to media. In addition, publishers can also activate Context Control segments directly. On their advertising servers to, as the case may be. Either avoid or direct their ads to content that they consider contextually relevant.

This is made possible by the intelligent inventory sorting and packaging capabilities available to carriers. In fact, Highly relevant media outlets are already working with IAS to implement. These optimization capabilities of Context Control technology to optimize inventory performance and improve CPM by 20% , as well as increase CTR rates by 120% when there is a recent activation.

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