We had a great webinar last week on content marketing. With toby Murdock, CEO and co-founder of a post, and Jason Miller. Social media strategist Tunisia Phone Number at Marketo. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to answer all of the questions about content marketing. That our audience asked during the webinar. So, we wanted to do a follow-up blog and share our answers with all of our readers. Can you talk more about gated vs. Ungated? Shouldn’t Tunisia Phone Number white papers be gated? There is a clear trade-off between gated and ungated content: gated content. Wins a new lead for your database; ungated content is more accessible and is more helpful.

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So while it is tempting to put a gate in front of everything, you have to be sure not to put the cart before the horse. You have to build enough audience in order to Tunisia Phone Number generate enough leads. And since ungated content is more shareable. It helps build the thought leadership and trust that it takes for a visitor to decide to Tunisia Phone Number fill out a form. So how to decide what to put in front of a gate. What behind a gate? There are no hard rules, and you have to find your own balance. To meet your own audience and lead goals. Consider not putting your early-stage content in front of a gate.

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Only put industry. Analyst reports in front of a gate and sometimes mid-stage content. How many whitepapers or fact sheets should be syndicated on Tunisia Phone Number average to improve funnel conversion? Syndication is a strategy to build authority. Your audience. There is no specific number of content marketing assets that should be syndicated. Rather, use syndication in your mix. If it is an appropriate way to build your audience. For example, let’s say you have a surplus of. Content but not that much budget to do paid media to Tunisia Phone Number grow your audience. Then take some of that content and syndicate it out to properties. You buyers frequent. Allow them to get to know.

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