The address and the opening hours are three basic elements that must be present yes or yes on all the contact pages and, of course, also in the header and in the footer. But, in addition to this, it is highly recommended to include the following elements. Contact form : you will give your clients the possibility of contacting you 24 hours a day and this transmits a very good image. Professional email address : create personalized email addresses with your domain and convey that you are a professional.

Products and services When you create the content of a website, the ideal is that the most detailed information of the products you sell or the services you offer include it on a specific page. In this part of the web page you must include Afghanistan whatsapp number list everything related to your products or services : advantages of your products, main characteristics , who they are aimed at , the price , shipping costs… Of course, do not forget the importance of a good call to action in this part of your website.

Blog When We Talk About Content

Distribution and parts of a web page, we can say that the blog page is arguably one of the most important pages on your site. Creating a blog can make your business take off once and for all. It is essential for your content strategy and a key piece if you want to improve your organic positioning in Google and gain visits to your website. The most common web elements that you will find in almost any blog are: Search engine – Not all web page templates include a search function, but almost all blog templates do.

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Subscription form – Including a subscription box on a blog is one way to generate quality leads. Even if they are not customers.  You already have their email account to send them the content.  You publish and, little by little, you can bring.  Them closer to the purchase process. Categories and tags : another element that is to include. In this part of your website is a section with the categories of.  The content of your blog. It is a good way to structure the content and improve the usability of your site.

Privacy Policy Surely

it is one of the least pages of a website. But one of the basic requirements is to provide.  Your users with all the information to the processing.  Of the data that is collected through your website. This part of your website does not have to go in the main menu, but you have to include it yes or yes. It is normally included in the footer or footer, as well as in cookie notices or when you include a registration or subscription form. The structure is a dynamic element , we do not have to always follow the same one. The more different it is, the more creative it will be.

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